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Antti Pyrhönen Newsletter Sunday August 7

Published on 16.8.2011 7:16



Antti went to Lacapelle Marival with a small chance to secure third place in the MX3 World Championship and in this way repeat his fantastic 2009 MX3 performance. But as he explained: “I need a miracle in France”, his prospects were pretty slim.


Antti’s intension was to go out in the last MX3 of the year to a win or at least to finish on the podium again as in the previous MX3 in Slovenia.

Antti made a great start in the opening race and was among the leaders through the first corner with Bill, Potisek and Michek. Potisek soon took control but made a mistake so Bill had a more or less free ride to his world title. Antti fought hard with Martin Michek and the speed was impressive. Michek was maybe a bit more on the limit and managed to take over third spot from Antti but our hero fought back and passed Michek again. The two rivals were fighting through the whole race and the crowd was cheering them on. In the closing stages the riders were lapping the slow guys and this brought Antti into trouble and broke his speed while passing one of them and Michek slipped by to take back third place.

Being frustrated that his plan did not work Antti needed a bit of time to cool down. “I was really upset that at such a high level race for the World Championship the flagmen did such a poor job, I only saw one of them. They are supposed to wave the blue flag so the slower riders know they have to make room and not interfere with us fast guys. But if these flagmen here are not into the high level of racing you get into this kind of problems. We were equal on speed, we had a fair fight and now Michek is sure of third place in the championship. I have to finish third in the last race of the season to get third position on the podium.”


A serious crash in the start knocked down Potisek and a few other riders. Antti was lucky to escape. “I had a perfect start, maybe even the holeshot but going left into the first turn I saw some accident beginning to happen on the inside of me so instead of following the corner I quickly made a move in the opposite direction to stay out of the trouble and not getting hit. I was lucky to escape and stay on my wheels, however it meant that instead of being the leader I had to begin this final race of the season in around 15th position.”

Local hero Milko Potisek was out with a broken handlebar and leader Michek gave Bill a run for his money in a fight for the victory. And Antti … well they say quality comes with age. This seems to be true for good wine and for good motocross racers.

“I was enjoying the race even having a smile inside of my helmet, of course not at the start of it. There are just 4 fast guys in the MX3 and I am one of them. Despite that delay in the first corner I passed so many riders, I did one of my best MX3 races and finished third.”

Compliments to Antti came from several teams for his fighting spirit in heat two. “I feel disappointed that I did not win a bronze medal again this year like I did in 2009. But I am a realist, these 3 guys were faster over all the 16 heats. I am extremely proud of what I have realized this year knowing I came out of a deep hole. When I laid on the ground in Italy at the end 2009 with a shattered leg I thought I would never be on a bike at top level again and make podiums. And look at today: I delivered an excellent race and like in Slovenia I am on the podium again.”


“Sooner than we all wanted and expected another year in my long career is over and the 2011 season went really fast. I want to thank all my sponsors for their great support. I want to thank them, my family, friends and fans for staying on my side in good times and in bad times. All of you helped make my life as beautiful as a motocross racer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


First race: 1. Julien Bill; 2. Milko Potisek; 3. Martin Michek; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN; 5. Michael Staufer; 6. Morgan Jacquelin; 7. Marco Maddii; 8. Gregory Wicht; 9. Brice Bonnemoy; 10. Yann Charon

Second race: 1. Bill; 2. Michek; 3. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN. 4. Wicht; 5. Bonnemoy; 6. Staufer; 7. Jacquelin; 8. Alain Schäfer; 9. Maddii; 10. Charley Ribet

FINAL POSITIONS WORLD MX3 CHAMPIONSHIP: 1.Julien Bill (Sui), 359; 2. Milko Potisek (F), 297; 3. Martin Michek (CZE). 287; 4. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN, 255; 5. Martin Zerava (CZE), 202; 6. Marco Maddii (It), 183; 7. Michael Staufer (Aut), 177; 8. Petr Michalek (CZE), 122; 9. Saso Kragelj (Slov), 106; 10. Marko Kovalainen (Fin), 82

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