Antti Pyrhönen MX1 Gaildorf Newsletter

Published on 08.9.2011 8:10


For many years Antti Pyrhönen was a regular contender in MX1, the ‘royal’ class of World Championship motocross. Having started his own team in 2009 he moved to MX3 and became a steady top contender in his class. As reward for his great come-back this year the promoter Youthstream gave Antti a wildcard for the MX1 races in Gaildorf Germany.

In the qualification race on Saturday he finished 21st while in Sunday’s warm-up Antti improved a lot with 2 seconds faster lap times.

It has been 3 years ago when I left MX1 and I think some people were surprised I still have it in me. In the qualification race on Saturday I admit I was a bit nervous, made a bad start and I was not happy with my lap times.

As he predicted in his last Newsletter Antti was focused on a fight for a couple of points in the mid-pack. He went home with four points in his pocket – which makes him the best placed Finnish rider in MX1 with only one score – and it could have been more if he had not been affected by a crash in the second race.

I started in 18th position in the first race and worked myself up to 15th place. But my body started to protest as the energy level went down do to my previous illness and I lost two positions during the last laps.

In the second race I had a bad start and the track was really difficult, not at all like the beautiful, smooth but fast Gaildorf grass track it used to be. After 5 laps I crashed and it took me quite long to re-start. Overall it was a good and positive experience, especially being 15th in the first heat. Now back to Finland to prepare for the MX of Nations team race.

Grand Prix of Europe – Results

MX1 Moto one: 1. Bobryshev, 2. Boog, 3. Cairoli, 4. Nagl, 5. Strijbos, 6. Goncalves, 7. Guarneri, 8. Aranda, 9. Leok, 10. Boissiere, 11. Simpson, 12. Barragan, 13. Schiffer, 14. Monni, 15. Campano, 17. ANTTI PYRHÖNEN

MX1 Moto two: 1. Pourcel, 2. Cairoli, 3. Boissiere, 4. Goncalves, 5. Strijbos, 6. Boog, 7. Simpson, 8. Bobryshev, 9. Aranda, 10. Nagl, 11. Campano, 12. Schiffer, 13. Monni, 14. Walkner, 15. Steinbergs

NEXT RACE: Motocross of Nations, Saint Jean d’Angely, France 17-18 September

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