photo: Antti Hahl

Antti Pyrhönen had to miss his season’s opening competition in Chile due to a chest injury

Published on 30.1.2012 8:07

Motocross driver Antti Pyrhönen was supposed to open his MX season in Chile last Sunday, but he injured his chest during his practice on Saturday. Thus, Antti Pyrhönen decided not to ride in the competition.

Pyrhönen explains: “I jumped off a dune and hit my chest hard on the steering pole. Now both my chest and my side are so sore that I couldn’t ride in Sunday’s beach competition.”

As a consequence, Pyrhönen’s participation in this week’s SuperCross event in Helsinki, Finland, is uncertain.

“I will be back in Finland on Tuesday afternoon, as planned. Once I am at home, we will see how I am doing and what we shall do regarding the SuperCross event. If my side is still sore, it is pointless to compete. I want to be in great shape when the Motocross World Cup season starts. That is my most important goal”, says Pyrhönen.

Battery Energy Drink wishes Pyrhönen all the best in his recovery.