Antti Pyrhönen Column nr 3

Published on 05.10.2011 13:19

“It’s been a great year”

Dear sponsors, friends and fans, with the Motocross of Nations now behind us the international season has come to an end for me. We have the Finnish team event at my home track in Hyvinkää this weekend, the round-up of the Finnish championship later this month and then the winter period will begin where I continue my fitness programs but riding will get less and competition will be over.

Congratulations to the American motocross team that won the Motocross of Nations in France. They have dominated the sport for some 30 years since the day they sent a team to Europe for this prestigious team event. I am happy and proud with my Motocross of Nations result, I believe a number of people doubted if I still had it in me, I did show them wrong with my personal performance.

I made a good comeback after my serious accident and broken leg and being out of competition during 2010. All in all it has been a great year, 3 podium results in MX3 and 4th overall in the World Championships, which is one step short of what I had targeted but I can live with that. I did a MX1 race in Gaildorf and showed good speed there so I can be proud of that as well. And the greatest thing is that racing on my part will continue as I have the desire and motivation to do another MX3 season next year. At the moment all signs point to a green light for at least one more year.

I hope and expect the next reward will come in Lahti when we have the last Finnish SX races. I am leading the championship and standing on the podium always brings a smile to the faces of my team, my family, friends and sponsors… and myself.

So many people stood next to me all year long, they inspired me to continue my hard work and invest the best of myself into my racing career and it paid off. My parents, my mechanic Jussi Heikkonen, my media guys Harry van Hemmen and Tapio Vuori, all my friends who stood by me. I have had incredible support from all these people and from all my sponsors who have helped make my dream of racing motocross at top World Championship level come true. I think the majority of the MX public is awesome and supportive by cheering for me on and is happy to see me do well. A smaller part will always have their doubts. I struggled at the beginning of the season, but over the course of the entire year I showed the mx in-crowd that I can still do it!

My results, including a number of won races, showed everyone that I am a true professional and with my hard work I have won the heart of many old and new fans.”

Thanks for all your support! Antti