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Anna Laitinen wins Finnish championship

Published on 23.10.2012 5:12

Anna Laitinen won the Bouldering Finnish championship competition which was held in Jyväskylä 13.10.2012.

Here’s a little Q & A about Anna :

What are your feelings at the moment: considering your career (are there more competitions in 2012), your health and your free time?

“I’m feeling superb right now! There’s some smaller competitions coming and one lead competition (rope) where I’m also participating. My studies are starting tomorrow so I’m quite “forced” to  slow down for a while which is good cause I’ve been training so much.”

Your thoughts of the 2013 climbing season?

“Now I’m having my focus on next year’s bouldering world cup which is starting on March 2013 in China. I’m also having other trips such as trip to USA on summer which lasts 6 weeks (hopefully more!) and one smaller trip on this winter.  I hope I’m staying without any injuries this time. But all in all I’m feeling great!”

Great job Anna and good luck with your future challenges.