Noemi at Vantaa

Alejandro Noemi and the Vantaa MX3 race

Published on 03.6.2011 14:12

May 30 Press Release (abbreviated)

Chilean teenager, Alejandro Noemi, was just 18 years old when he landed in Belgium to start a motocross adventure in Europe in mid-February 2010. He had been quite successful as a motocross racer in his home country but wanted to try his luck in Europe under the wings of the Antti Pyrhönen Racing Team in MX3.

On May 30th we received a message from Alejandro that he will come back to Europe for the MX3 World Championship round in Vantaa, Finland. “Staying in Finland with the Pyrhönen family was so much fun last year,” says Noemi, “The Chilean federation has organized everything for me to race the Vantaa MX3. I will fly to Finland a couple of days early with my mechanic Claudio to adjust and prepare for the race. Antti and I share our sponsors Battery, VTR, Sinisalo and Crossman. That’s why we have similar outfits and bikes. I also have plans to be back later in the year for the ISDE (International Six Days Enduro), to be held in Finland.”

“It has been wonderful to work with Antti who has helped me so much in becoming a better rider.” When asked about his future plans, Alejandro tells us, “I’m studying Business at the biggest and most recognized University in Chile. That takes up a lot of my time and efforts, but I still find the time to train hard at the gym and on the bike. I have also raced in the Chile Championships. I won the last event mid-May in Valadivia, in the deep south of Chile, which was great. Valadivia is a really beautiful city some 1000 km south of my hometown Santiago. The track was awesome and the people really excited.”

Alejandro also told us how he felt about the cancellation of the MX3 World Championship races in Chile, Brazil and Argentina. “That was a bummer for a lot of riders who were expecting an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in such a big international race. A lot of riders had been training hard and spending lots on their bikes and spares for these big events. In my case I lost a chance to be with Antti again and appear together in front of our Chilean sponsors as a new team, but I am glad I will be seeing him soon in Finland.”

So… What does Antti Pyrhönen have to say about our young friend from Chile: “Ale is a great guy, keen to learn and we had a good time together in Europe and certainly also in Chile with his great family. I am excited about his return to Vantaa and we will begin to prepare a bike for him immediately in a professional way.”