Alejandro Noemi – Battery keeps him going

Published on 17.9.2010 10:39

MX3 Motocross World Championship driver Alejandro Noemi is only 18 years old but holds great promise. He has done very well in the national races in Chile, and is gaining speed and experience also in the European tracks. This season has been his first but his mentor Antti Pyrhönen has great faith in him. In Chile, Alejandro is supported by Battery Energy Drink. Is it a total coincidence or simply fate that has lead him to practice in Finnish countryside, quite near the Sinebrychoff brewery where Battery was born?

MX3 is the king of motocross. With engines up to 500 cc, the lightweight motocross bikes soar through the dirt and mud, flying high in the air at the steep hills of the track. It is said that motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports today. The driver has to have a lot of stamina, body strength and agility to be able to steer the bike on the challenging track for an hour, while maintaining top speed and keeping an eye on the competition. The average heart beat rate per minute can be 180 – 200. Injuries are very common, and an injury is the reason for Alejandro Noemi being now in Finland and in the World Championships.

Finnish MX3 driver and Grand Prix winner Antti Pyrhönen won the bronze medal in the World Championship in 2009. At the very end of the season, at the MX of Nations race he crashed spectacularly and his left leg was badly injured. Italian doctors wanted to amputate his leg. That wasn’t in Antti’s plans though, and after six operations he is now getting back in the game. Though the injury prohibited Antti racing in 2010, he wanted to have a team in the championships. Through a mutual friend in Chile, Antti set his eyes on a promising young driver, Alejandro, who had won races in his home country. Now Antti is Alejandro’s manager, friend, mentor and guide to the World Championships. Together they plan to take over the MX3.

“Alejandro is such a great kid. Nowadays it is hard to find a young guy with proper respect and attitude to life, sports and other people. He can concentrate on the driving and he listens carefully what I can teach him. He has great years ahead of him, many drivers are 10 years older than he is”, says Antti Pyrhönen proudly of his protegé.

Antti and Alejandro practice daily in Hyvinkää, a rural town in Southern Finland. They have set up a garage near a beautiful lake and a small beach. On a sunny day, the operation looks almost leisurely, but the truth is a bit grittier.

“We practice a lot. Two times a day with running, cycling or gym exercise in between. We do technical training, moto training and fix the bikes after practice”, Alejandro tells of his daily routines. The team has a mechanic, Claudio Gomez, who takes care of the bikes. During his summer in Finland, Alejandro hasn’t had time to really see the country, with only one visit to Helsinki. With a strict schedule, Alejandro need a lot of energy and refreshment, and that is where Battery Energy Drink comes in really handy. Battery has supported Alejandro in Chile since 2008.

“I guess my strength is that I drive with my head. I try to think and drive tactically, thinking ahead of my rivals. I will definitely be fighting for the World Championship title next season”, Alejandro says very convincingly.