Climbing Roosa Huhtikorpi Biography
  • Name: Roosa Huhtikorpi
    Born: Helsinki, Finland
    Hometown: Helsinki
    Sport: Climbing
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    Years climbing: 18
    How did you get into climbing: I started with my older brother Kuutti when I was 6. We were always climbing on trees or wherever so our mom brought us to the gym to try climbing. Then I became a climber and I fell in love with it and now it’s my lifestyle.
    Greatest climbing memory: There are way too many… All the climbing trips around the world are the greatest memories. I will put it this way: all the greatest memories come after I have achieved something that felt impossible.
    Favourite bouldering route climbed: Confessions to crap artist 8a
    Best sport climbing memories: Bon Vitage 8a, Syrtaki lessons 7c+ 2.go, Unknown name 7c flash
    Things you love in climbing: Just everything around climbing: climbers, the nature, travelling, the heights, the holds. I love the feeling I have while climbing!
    Worst part about climbing: It controls my life, if I have had bad climbing day the whole day is ruined :D
    Competitions or climbing just for fun: Both. Climbing just for fun by achieving the greatest goals and I like to go to competitions when I know that I am strong enough to win.
    What would you improve in yourself: I don’t understand the question ;)
    Indoors or outdoors: Both. I’m training indoors to get stronger and better for climbing my hardest routes outdoors. Outdoor is the thing :)
    How do you get inspired: After every climbing trip! And I get inspired watching climbing competitions and movies about the most talented and best climbers around the world
    Going solo or climbing with friends: Both.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a climbing trip: I was sending my hardest route ever and I was almost at the top when my climbing shoe suddenly clipped itself on a quickthrow! I was totally stuck. After a long struggle I managed to unclip it and was so close to do the route but then I fell from the last move!
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of climbing: On a climbing trip the best thing after a whole day of climbing is to have a dinner with your friends. Have one drink and then you are way too tired to do anything else than sleep. Haha sleeping is the best!
    What would you do if you were not a climber: I have no idea!
    Future goals: Climb as much as I can in the most beautiful places in the world. Climb as hard as I can and trying my best while competing.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original and Sugarfree!!
    Do you have a secret talent: Maybe but I just don’t know it yet