Freeskiing Oskari Raitanen Biography
  • Name: Oskari ”Okko” Raitanen
    Born: 1989
    Hometown: Jyväskylä, Finland (Residing in Tampere, FIN)
    Sport: Freeskiing
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    Years skiing: 17
    How did you get into freeskiing: I admired skiers like Tuukka Terva-Aho and Mart Perendi while skiing in Laajavuori and decided to give it a go!
    Greatest skiing memory: Filming the first season of Nipwitz with my best friends
    Greatest achievement outside skiing: Still going strong with my academic studies at least during the fall semesters.
    Things you love in skiing: Freedom and the feeling of creating a dope shot out of nowhere.
    Worst part about skiing: The possible injuries and getting frustrated.
    Best street spot you have hit: I think it’s the legendary blue kink at Jyväskylä University. I gapped from the flat part over the down-flat-part.
    How many tries did it take to land a trick at your hardest spot: Haha, we hit this down-flat-down-flat-down kink and we had to go there for three consecutive days until I got the double switch up I wanted. Circa 200 tries.
    How do you get inspired: I watch a ton of snowboarding and skateboarding movies.
    Favorite person/crew to ride with: The Nipwitz crew.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a skiing trip: I was in Calgary to film with PBP and landed on my right ass cheek too many times and ended up getting a third buttock, literally. The 14-hour trip home was safe to say interesting.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of shredding: To have a couple of beers, stretch a bit and watch the footy we got that day!
    What would you do if you were not a skier: I think I’d be graduating soon and getting myself a lame-ass job.
    Can you really calculate how much speed you need to clear a jump: I’m taking some courses right now that help me approximate the speed with air resistance, but it’s still a guessing game. Just send it!
    Future goals: To make Nipwitz Brain Massage the best possible movie it can be.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original when partying, otherwise Sugarfree!
    Do you have a secret talent: I know how to knit a beanie, believe it or not!