Freeskiing Collective Nipwitz Biography
  • Name: Nipwitz

    Nipwitz is a collective of skiers, photographers and film-makers that has started from scratch and over the years has ended up winning awards at film festivals. Since 2009, Nipwitz has produced 12 short films, gotten over a million views and travelled to places like Bosnia, Russia and Estonia. Nipwitz is a series of short documentary films showcasing high skill level skiing and unusual skiing locations. Since the past few years Nipwitz has become quite well known even among people who don’t ski. The audience is international and expanding all the time.

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    Nipwitz’s biggest passion is to use urban infrastructure for skiing and to document it with photos and films. Skiing is the perfect excuse to travel to new cities in different countries and search for skiing spots. During these trips you usually get to see the city from a new perspective, which doesn’t happen during holiday visits. One of the most interesting parts is also the meetings with local people. Sometimes they welcome us with open arms, sometimes with a knife in their hands. Nipwitz documents the trips subjectively based on the groups’ own experiences.

    The aim is to produce video content for people who are not necessarily ski enthusiasts. Nipwitz is a pioneer in the field of ski webisodes. It has set a new standard and inspired other video producers. During 2012-2014 Nipwitz will be producing it’s final and the most ambitious film project “Brain Massage”.

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