Snowboarding Merika Enne Biography
  • Name: Merika Sofia Enne
    Born: 24.6.1992
    Hometown: Originally from Tampere, currently living in Helsinki
    Sport: Snowboarding
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    Years snowboarding: I started my 15th season this year
    How did you get into snowboarding: I guess I have to thank my mom for that. I was complaining that downhill skiing is boring so she suggested renting a snowboard instead. I was excited and loved it even though I fell down the whole day.
    Greatest snowboarding memory: Last spring was really great overall, I spent all the best days of the season in Ruka in 2,5 weeks after being injured for 6weeks, riding has never felt so good.
    Greatest achievement outside snowboarding: Learning the beauty of individuality
    Things you love in snowboarding: Freedom, creativity, versatility, the feeling of succeeding after failing many times. And speed and airtime of course, hehe
    Worst part about snowboarding: The bad sides of travelling (waiting, packing, unpacking, crazy flight times etc.) and getting hurt
    Biggest crash: Overshot a kicker with a ss bs 180 in New Zealand. Broke my board, got a concussion and it hurt to walk for a week, even though I didn’t break anything. But the one that hurt most was tearing my ACL 4 years ago and the surgery that followed.
    Would you rather win at the Olympics or at the X-Games: The X-games
    Your newest trick: wallie bs board 270 out, to a flat rail
    Best snowboarding destination: Ruka Batterypark and Breckenridge in Colorado
    How do you get inspired: Watch snowboard movies, ride with inspiring riders and good friends.
    Favourite person to ride with: Kaira Productions guys&gals, Krisse and Enni and many others!
    Craziest thing that has happened on a snowboarding trip: Falling into a crevasse in Saas Fee glacier. I was lucky not to fall to the bottom, it was 40metres deep.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of shredding: Watch snowboard movies, keep my body limber :)
    What would you do if you were not a snowboarder: It’s hard to imagine… I wish I had found some activity that would feel as great as snowboarding.
    Watching a movie with popcorn or sweets: Some healthy sweets
    Future goals: Land good looking runs in competitions, filming a video part, moving my tricks to bigger obstacles
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Sugarfree
    Do you have a secret talent: I make good banana pancakes