Freeskiing Matti Räty Biography
  • Name: Matti Räty
    Born: 16.9.1988
    Hometown: Kuopio
    Sport: Freeskiing
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    Years skiing: Starting my 10th season now!
    How did you get into freeskiing: I started with those small ski boards. At first I was so close to go with snowboarding instead, but when I saw some older guys with their proper skis I thought it looked pretty awesome. And I already knew how to go downhill with skis so I figured it would be a nice transition from short skis to long skis, but it really didn’t help too much. It took me like 30 skiing days to build up the courage to drop into halfpipe hahah.
    Greatest skiing memory: All the things we have done with Nipwitz and especially our trips to Bosnia and northwest-Russia. Those aren’t the most obvious holiday destinations but that is just what made it exciting.
    Greatest achievement outside skiing: Finding out that doing fun things with a pen, paint and imagination is called graphic designing in the adult world. And lets not forget that electric moped I won from a drawing contest on 2nd grade!
    Things you love in skiing: Freedom to do what ever I want.
    Worst part about skiing: The season ender is always a bummer. Still the worst thing is how the human body can’t take slams and work like a machine with replaceable parts.
    Best street spot you have hit: It must be an abandoned cargo ship in Kuopio. We towed speed with a snowmobile and did some wall rides on the side of the ship.
    What would a perfect spot look like: I clearly have a thing for marine things, because I immediately thought of a submarine with loads of gapping possibilities, tranny finders, rails, wallrides etc. A true multi-kill spot.
    How do you get inspired: When watching street snowboarding videos and also when we are building spots as a group.
    Favorite person to ride with: The Nipwitz crew and the guys at Kasurila and Ukkohalla!
    Craziest thing that has happened on a skiing trip: We were preparing a spot in an abandoned building in Russia when this guy in a military outfit walked in. At first it seemed just like a casual thing until he pulled his knife out and started talking with more intensity. None of us understood a word he was saying, but we thought it was better to step aside for a while even though it was a 6 vs 1 situation.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of shredding: Going to sauna, eating well and I don’t mind if there’s be an epic party later on in the evening.
    What would you do if you were not a skier: I don’t know. A boring guy with some useless masters degree, one stamp in my passport and wrinkles on my forehead from taking life too seriously? Or then an astronaut with an exceptional haircut.
    Future goals: Film the best possible ski movie with Nipwitz.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Sugarfree for me.
    Do you have a secret talent: I can juggle three balls for a while without dropping them.