Snowboarding Kristiina Nisula Biography
  • Name: Kristiina Nisula
    Born: 24.01.92
    Hometown: Oulu
    Sport: Snowboarding
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    Years snowboarding: 8th year is about to start
    Greatest snowboarding memory: The first snowboard trip to the USA by myself, it was a good experience.
    Greatest achievement outside snowboarding: Got myself into the university straight after high school.
    Things you love in snowboarding: You can use your own creativity and nothing is wrong, besides some forbidden grabs.
    Worst part about snowboarding: Injuries! And travelling is pretty expensive.
    Would you rather win at the Olympics or at the X-Games: I would say the X-games. Snowboarding is a young sport in the Olympics, especially Slopestyle.
    Your newest trick: Switch noseslide 270
    Best snowboarding destination: Last year I had the best days in Breckenridge. In Europe Laax is a nice place for riding pow and in Finland Iso-Syöte.
    How do you get inspired: As a snowboarder, watching all kind of snowboarding movies insprires me and in general listening to music.
    Favorite person to ride with: Anyone who has a good flow and insprires me with his/her riding.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a snowboarding trip: Falling into the crevasse while riding powder in Saas-fee
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of shredding: A relaxing yoga class and Finnish sauna.
    What would you do if you were not a snowboarder: That is a good question! I think I would study and do some other sports.
    Watching a movie with popcorn or sweets: A lot of sweets, that is my weakness. Can’t help it but they are just sooo good.
    Future goals: Try to snowboard as long as I can and find a good balance in life.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Sugarfree
    Do you have a secret talent: Catching and cooking fish