Snowboarding Collective KBR crew Biography
  • Name: KBR crew

    KBR snowboarding crew was founded in 2004 by Petrus Koskinen and Toni Kerkelä. Since then, KBR has made a movie each year and the newest, Golden Years, is their ninth movie. The KBR’s vision has always been to make world class snowboarding movies with riders who are close friends with each other. These days KBR is recognized as Finland’s most known snowboarding crew from and their movies are watched all over the world.

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    KBR consists of ten finnish snowboarders and three videographers. The riders in the Golden Years movie are Petrus Koskinen, Toni Kerkelä, Janne Lipsanen, Sami Luhtanen, Niko Länsiö, Sakari Lähdesmäki, Elias Veijola, Jani Sorasalmi, Antti Jussila & Teo Konttinen. The filmers are Eemeli Nättinen, Gus Tible & Jon Vital. Battery team rider Petrus Koskinen is also taking part in producing and directing the KBR movies.

    To see the latest movie, go to (KBR’s Golden Years)