BMX, mountain biking Jukka Mäennenä Biography
  • Name: Jukka Mäennenä
    Born: 22.2.1987
    Hometown: Tampere, Finland
    Sport: BMX, mountain biking
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    Years with BMX: Almost 10 years now!
    How did you get into BMX: I’ve always been into bikes for some reason. As a kid I had a BMX for a while but it wasn’t anything serious back then. When I was around 14 or so I got my first real mountain bike and a couple of years after that I got my first proper BMX and things took off from there.
    Greatest biking memory: That’s a tough one! It’s hard to decide between landing a new trick, clearing a new line or riding with good company in a good setting.
    Greatest achievement outside sports: I’m about to graduate as a mechanical engineer at some point, eh?
    Things you love in BMX riding: Speed, jumping high, technical aspects of bike handling skills and working on my bike.
    Worst part in BMX riding: There are days when it feels that nothing works. I hope that’s the case with almost anyone!
    Tricks or racing: Both! It comes and goes. Sometimes I couldn’t care less about doing or learning tricks. Going fast just feels good. Then again there are times when I want to learn a specific trick and put a lot of effort to it. It’s sort of seasonal I guess.
    What trick would you do the whole day: 360 tables, as soon as I got them to the point where I want them to be! Work in progress…
    What would you improve in your riding: 1st bike handling skills – you can never be too good at those. 2nd: Sprinting power. It would be nice to get a holeshot in BMX-racing at least once, hah.
    Indoors or outdoors: Outdoors, if the weather is good.
    How do you get inspired: Watching other people ride and having specific times when I just concentrate on enhancing motivation.
    Training alone or with friends: Both have good and bad sides but I like to train and ride alone more than most people.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a BMX trip: Getting to ride some of the top pros’ private yards. Shout outs to TJ Lavin, Heath Pinter and Ben Snowden!
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of riding: Having a good meal, relaxing, stretching and reading.
    What would you do if you were not a BMX rider: That’s a tough one again. I could see that I had continued to serve in the special forces after completing my national duty – maybe…
    How to stay injury-free: Know your limits, don’t be stupid and do a lot of training to injury-proof yourself.
    Future goals: Get the most out of riding in the following years and ride more shows
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: They all are good!
    Do you have a secret talent: Yes, being consistent. Very few things have come to me with ease. Therefore I need to practice things that I want to get better in pretty much day in day out.



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