Snowboarder Joel Ahola Biography
  • Name: Joel Ahola
    Born: 1993
    Hometown: Espoo
    Sport: Snowboarder
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    Years snowboarding: 5
    How did you get into snowboarding: I have always been interested in board sports. I’ve been standing on a skateboard since summer 2000. On 2008, my friend Kalle talked about snowboarding and that I should start doing it. He made me buy a snowboard and then I have been doing it since season 08/09.
    Greatest snowboarding memory: Me and my friends made a small backyard kicker in Avoriaz, behind our hotel. Then we tried really stupid spins and flips in every direction that came to our mind. Fun times!
    Greatest achievement outside snowboarding: Surfing my first wave.
    Things you love in snowboarding: Everything, except hardcore slams
    Worst part about snowboarding: Injuries and bad slams
    What trick would you do the whole day: Backflip
    Best spot you have hit: That small slushy backyard kicker we made in Avoriaz.
    How do you get inspired: When I see a good surf clip/movie or pool skateboarding
    Favorite person to ride with: Kalle Järvilehto, he always has some new ideas with tricks.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a snowboarding trip: We went to Pikku-Syöte with the DC Shoes Finland snowboard team to sesh the park and take photos and stuff. Then suddenly some local snowmobile gang came to the park and started riding it with us. They jumped every kicker and one of our team member jumped between two snowmobile gangsters and they were very close in the air and still survived. The photo was pretty sick too. It was pretty much the most random thing that ever happened.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of shredding: Laying down, listening to smooth music, maybe playing a little bit of guitar and Xbox360
    What would you do if you were not a snowboarder: Just skateboard all the time probably
    Endless summer and skateboarding or everlasting winter and snowboarding: Skateboarding is more laid-back and sun + warmth makes me happy.
    Future goals: To get to see new and different places, have fun, snowboard, surf and skate a lot.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original
    Do you have a secret talent: It’s a secret talent.