Snowboard cross Ivar Kruusenberg Biography
  • Name: Ivar Kruusenberg
    Born: 31.07.1984
    Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
    Sport: Snowboard cross
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    Years snowboarding: 12
    How did you get into snowboarding: As my friends went for skiing and snowboarding almost every weekend, then I had no other choice than to join them, plus there were lots of nice girls around the hill for extra motivation :D
    Greatest snowboarding memory: Two years ago from Sochi (Rosa Khutor) with untouched fresh powder, because all the resort was closed for the Olympic preparations. Me and few other guys were the only ones riding these amazing spots there.
    Greatest achievement outside snowboarding: Finished my PhD studies in Chemistry this summer.
    Things you love in snowboarding: Punk, pain and pow.
    Worst part about snowboarding: Takes too much money out of my pocket.
    Fastest you have ever gone on a snowboard: Hmm, I think it was something between 95 and 100 km/h. But 60 to 80 km/h is quite a regular speed in snowboard cross.
    Best snowboarding destination: Iran, because no one rides pow there and you can be the King of the hill.
    How do you get inspired: By riding with other snowboarders better than me.
    Favorite person to ride with: My lil’ bro and my friends.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a snowboarding trip: There are too many of them. For example I have been arrested by the police because they thought I have corpse in my big snowboard case. Why would one carry a snowboard bag during the midsummer? But really, no corpse, I was just traveling to glacier for summer camp :D
    Best thing to do without internet connection after a day of shredding: A good nap and after that short longboarding trip to get some chocolate from the shop.
    What would you do if you were not a snowboarder: Probably I would be mountain biker or downhill rider.
    You are a doctor in chemistry. What do you do in the lab: I try to figure out how to make cheaper electricity for all of you!
    Future goals: To be faster, better and stronger.
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original, I love sugar.
    Do you have a secret talent: Everyone has a secret talent.