Climbing Anna Laitinen Biography
  • Name: Anna Liina Laitinen
    Born: 10.04.1990
    Hometown: Espoo
    Sport: Climbing
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    Years climbing: 6
    How did you get into climbing: First started crawling, then learned how to walk… Climbing trees and stuff came right after. It’s a really spontaneous thing to do for a human being ;)
    Greatest climbing memory: The scariest moments have turned out to be the best climbing memories ever. To overcome something hard is what it’s all about in the first place.
    Greatest achievement outside sports: I was the first female in Finland to send an 8A boulder and 8b sport route.
    Things you love in climbing: Sounds like a cliché but challenging yourself both physically and mentally.
    Worst part about climbing: When getting injured and not being able to climb.
    Competitions or climbing just for fun: Definitely both. Everything you put yourself into should be more or less fun to keep you going.
    What would you improve in yourself: Getting more courage never hurts. Sometimes in climbing you need big balls.
    Indoors or outdoors: Living in Finland usually means lot of indoor activity. You have got to love it too just to be more fit when summer arrives and it’s time for the real stuff.
    How do you get inspired: I get inspired by people and my friends in general. When you see people pulling hard you’ll get more psyched too.
    Going solo or climbing with friends: Seriously? Happiness means sharing it with others.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a climbing trip: Hard to pick one… In this sport, you will quite often find yourself in crazy situations.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of climbing: Eating good food!
    What would you do if you were not a climber: I’d be a snowboarder.
    Future goals: Push my limits even more to be a better climber. I’d like to repeat my Bouldering Nordic Champion title (2009).
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Hydro
    Do you have a secret talent: Drawing