Windsurfing Ain Härmson Biography
  • Name: Ain Härmson aka Penny
    Born: 7. May 1978
    Hometown: Tallinn/Estonia
    Sport: Windsurfing
    Years windsurfing: 13
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    How did you get into windsurfing: My friend told me he had new hobby. I just jumped in and I was hooked from the very first moment.
    Greatest windsurfing memory: In the ocean, 6-meter waves are screaming into my ears and the adrenaline is pumping full speed in my veins…
    Greatest achievement outside sports: I have many super friends!
    Things you love in windsurfing: Every session is different, every wave is different.
    Worst part about windsurfing: Too much gear!
    Big jumps or technical riding: Both!
    What trick would you do the whole day: Skyhigh backloops
    What would you improve in your surfing: Waveriding
    Cold or warm water: Warm
    How do you get inspired: Nature and friends
    Training alone or with friends: Both. With friends you push each other and go crazy! Alone you can focus more on the technical parts.
    Craziest thing that has happened on a windsurfing trip: I almost drowned when I was surfing in South-Africa.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of riding: Relaxing with friends and talk about the surfing conditions and stuff like that.
    What would you do if you were not a windsurfer: A surfer
    Future goals: More time on water!
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original
    Do you have a secret talent: I can windsurf every day without getting bored.