Nightwish Biography
  • Emppu Vuorinen
    Emppu spent his youth in Kitee, Finland, among his family of seven. His childhood and youth were spent as they are usually spent, doing this and that: sports, wandering in the woods, playing music, and occasionally even studying. Emppu got seriously into music when he was about 11, thanks to a couple of guitarist buddies. After Emppu learned how to tune the guitar, he listened to all kinds of cassettes and records, trying to play the tunes. He stubbornly waded through all musical genres until he found the one he preferred most.
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    After playing in numerous bands, his path finally crossed with Tuomas and the rest of the guys. Emppu has remained on that same path – despite it being winding and sometimes a little bumpy.
    Jukka Nevalainen
    Jukka had a relatively late awakening to music, when music saved him from sports at the age of 11. Jukka quickly noticed that he really enjoyed himself behind the drums. The music world almost lost Jukka when he decided to quit his music school and the school band in the eighth grade, since he felt he didn’t want to play drums anymore. However, a year later Jukka decided to join his friend’s band and took up playing the drums once again.
    His musical taste started veering strongly towards Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music, his favorite bands being Stratovarius, Dream Theater, Helloween, Metallica and Paradise Lost among others. After playing in a few bands, Emppu told Jukka about a project Tuomas was starting, and he went to listen to their demo recordings. That project soon became Nightwish.Jukka’s aim in Nightwish is to continue being honest to himself, to everybody around him and to the music. “In the constantly changing world of music, it’s too easy to lose your focus and forget where you’re coming from and why you started to play music in the first place. But if you manage to keep your head and do not let secondary things lead you astray, there are beautiful things to be created and wild, exciting adventures waiting for you. In the end, if we take out all the somewhat boring aspects of life — such as money, position, responsibilities and limitations — our life is pretty much what we make it to be.”
    Marco Hietala
    Marco has been hooked on music for as long as he can remember. His first musical memories were his father’s lullabies and his acoustic guitar. Marco started singing at the age of 11 and bashing his father’s acoustic guitar at the age of 12. By the age of 13, he was already in his first school band called “Sabotage” (no accident there, Black Sabbath was already a huge influence along with Dio-era “Rainbow” and their ilk) playing bass and singing.
    Driven by his spark for music, Marco left his hometown at the age of 15 to study classical guitar, vocals and musical theory first at a musical high school and then at the Oulunkylä Pop and Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki. Marco eventually dropped out when his band “Tarot” got a deal for their first album in 1986 and started touring. “Tarot” is still alive and kicking and usually gets active when Nightwish is not. His other musical activities include studio engineering. Marco has also produced vocals for Amorphis in addition to collaborating with several other Finnish bands over the years. Marco writes music and lyrics both in English and Finnish.
    Tuomas and Ewo from King Foo Entertainment called Marco one November evening in 2001. They said there would be a place for a singing bass player in Nightwish and asked if Marco would be interested. It looks that way, doesn’t it?
    Marco’s goals and tastes in music and life are fundamentally reflected in Nightwish. Marco hopes to keep experiencing hair-raising moments of sheer musical thrill — whether it’s something Nightwish has done, a piece he’s just heard, or a show he’s seen.
    Tuomas Holopainen
    Music came into the life of Tuomas at the age of 6 when his mother made him take piano lessons in a music school, followed by clarinet and tenor saxophone studies some years later. Having completed the music theory classes together with final exams in these instruments, he got his graduation diploma at the age of 15. That same year Tuomas took off to Kansas for a year as a foreign exchange student.
    In September 1992, his host family took him to see Metallica and Guns ”N Roses in Kansas City, a concert that would have a huge impact on his musical influences and, well, life altogether. Returning from the States in 1993, Tuomas spent a few years playing in different bands before the idea of Nightwish was born in the fall of 1996.Tuomas has a special passion for film music, but when it comes to enjoying music, it”s always the song that matters the most, not the genre. Writing an actual score for a movie is something Tuomas would love to try one day.
    Tuomas, what’s your favorite track on “Imaginaerum”?
    It’s weird, I’ve always had favorite tracks when it comes to our previous albums. In the case of “Imaginaerum”, however, I don’t prefer one track over another. For me, “Imaginaerum” is almost like one long song consisting of 13 chapters.
    As a performing artist, Tuomas, what is your favorite concert venue?
    In my opinion, small clubs are the most inspirational venues because you can feel the proximity and the energy of the audience. However, all our band members have different opinions on the matter. For Anette, big arenas are the best venues, whereas the other guys prefer music festivals that are packed with people.
    For the band, what are your expectations for 2012?
    We are looking forward to larger-than-life experiences and memorable moments on stage. Most of all, we want our fans to share those same feelings when they are watching us perform.