Snowcross Risto Juujärvi Biography
  • Name: Risto Juujärvi
    Born: 13.11.1986
    Hometown: Rovaniemi, Finland
    Sport: Snowcross
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    Years in snowcross: 14 years
    How did you get into snowcross: It was a friend of mine who got me into snowcross. He was racing so I had to try it too!
    Greatest snowcross memory: Scandinavian championships 2007
    Greatest achievement outside sports: Starting my own business and bringing home the bacon.
    Things you love in snowcross: Speed and finding my own limits
    Worst part about snowcross: Well, the condition of tracks could always be better…
    Best place to ride: Not been there yet.. :)
    How many races you usually do in a season: About twenty
    Which one is more likely to break, your bones or your snowmobile: Snowmobile
    How to stay motivated: My competitive instinct takes care of that
    Training alone or with friends: Definitely with friends
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of riding: Laying down and resting
    What would you do if you did not do snowcross: Probably only work
    Future goals: To have fun
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original OF COURSE!
    Do you have a secret talent: Yep! A good sense of rhythm :)