Drifting Krisse Aalto Biography
  • Name: Krisse “Driftiina” Aalto
    Born: 23.8.1985, Helsinki
    Hometown: Vaasa
    Sport: Drifting!
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    Years drifting: 2
    How did you get into drifting: I had been driving ice tracks for a few years and dreamed of a driftcar all the time. I just love going sideways with speed, so drifting is just the sport for me.
    Greatest memory with cars: All the great moments with my friends who I’ve met through drifting. And thanks to motorsports I found my fiancé. For that I will always be grateful!
    Greatest achievement outside sports: I have had enough courage to follow my own path.
    Things you love in drifting: Speed, endless slides and powerful cars. And after all, drifting is all about having fun with your car and that’s just the greatest thing in the world!
    Worst part about drifting: It’s so expensive, that I just can’t do it every day.
    How many sets of tires you go through in one summer: About 100 rear wheels.
    What would you improve in your driving: I need to improve my tandem skills.
    Best track for drifting: In Finland I love Ahvenisto racetrack in Hämeenlinna and Kemora racetrack in Veteli.
    What was it like to be featured in “Virittäjät” TV-show: It was exciting! Mika Salo is a great guy and I have some awesome memories of making the TV-show.
    How to stay motivated: Well I’ve never had any problems with that. I would just like to drive all the time if I would have the chance!
    What would be a perfect car: My Super Soaker with even more horsepower!
    Training alone or with friends: With friends! Drifting alone is great but when you do it with friends it’s twice as much fun.
    Craziest thing that has happened when travelling: I did some crazy stuff when we were going to Lithuania for a drifting competition. The local police did not like it so I guess it is better to be quiet about it. But we were in a hurry!
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of driving: Well first you need to repair your car so that it’s ready for the next event… But after that best thing is just to relax with friends and family and drink some ice cold Battery.
    What would you do if you did not do drifting: I would probably be driving ice track and be the biggest drifting fan in Finland.
    Future goals: Beat all the boys in pro level!
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original.
    Do you have a secret talent: In addition to being good with horsepowers, I’m also good with horses.