Freestyle snowcross (FSX) Jyri Keskiaho Biography
  • Name: Jyri Keskiaho
    Born: 21.02.1989
    Hometown: Rovaniemi
    Sport: Freestyle snowmobiling (FSX)
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    Years riding snowmobile: 19 years with snowmobile and the last 4 years freestyle.
    How did you get into riding: First I was doing snocross but in 2008 I broke my knee. It took a couple of surgeries and one year to rehabilitate it. After that I didn’t have any interest in racing anymore. I have always been a huge fan of freestyle snowmobiling and I decided to try it. I made my own ramp with my brothers and after the first try I knew it was the thing that I really wanted to do.
    Greatest memory with snowmobile: I think it was that first time on the ramp. I could not stop jumping after that!
    Greatest achievement outside sports: This is bit cliché but having great friends, hanging out with them and travelling.
    Things you love about riding: This is pretty easy. Airtime! Otherwise it has to be the challenges that I face when I’m practicing new tricks and everything else around FSX.
    The worst part about riding a snowmobile: Injuries and breaking my sled.
    What would you improve in your riding: New tricks of course and I want to take the FSX scene here in Finland to a whole new level.
    Best place to ride: On my own training compound. There is a 21-meter-gap between the ramp and the landing.
    What is your favourite trick: Sideway seatgrab. In that trick you are upside down on your sled and you stretch your body as much as possible. When you do this smoothly it looks awesome!
    How many races & shows do you usually do in a season: This year’s competition calendar is still open. I have to show my skills first and then it will depend on organizers that want to invite me. Usually I have about 10 shows a season.
    Biggest jump you have hit: I think it was last year at Ruka Wappulounas when I jumped over the half pipe!
    Which one is more likely to break, your bones or your snowmobile: Even though I love my sled I must say I would rather break the sled than myself. I hate to break my bones and new ones are too expensive hehe.
    How to stay motivated: Watch videos, pictures and plan what kind of cool things to do next.
    Training alone or with friends: With friends of course. I have a great time with my friends and it gives me so much more.
    Craziest thing that has happened while riding: The craziest thing must be the jump last year at Wappulounas. The in-run was so short and the only thing I saw before the jump was blue sky. The highest spot between the ground and the sled was about 20 meters high. I don´t usually like crazy things. I like to do things that I can handle. I have to calculate the risks. Of course the risks have to be calculated in a way that enables me to progress step by step.
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of riding: Hanging around with my homies and relax. Maybe a couple Battery Energy Drinks so we get energized for the after party!
    What would you do if you did not do snowmobiling: I like also snowboarding so I think it would have something to so with that.
    Future goals: Spend some fun times with my sled and friends, make great films, enjoy life and like every freestyle athlete I also want to take a part in the X-Games.
    Favorite Battery Energy Drink: All in!
    Do you have a secret talent: Yes I do but if I tell you it’s not a secret anymore!