Freestyle motocross Jussi Seljas Biography
  • Name: Jussi “Sepy” Seljas
    Born: In the Finnish wilderness, in a sauna
    Hometown: Tampere
    Sport: Yoga, lace making and ping-pong
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    Years in FMX: Almost two decades!
    How did you get into FMX: I was way too lazy to train for MX :D
    Where does the name “Showdown” come from: Actually it was a bet about my finger tattoos, long story, but I won! :D
    Greatest FMX memory: Pretty much every time when you go out from your comfort zone and you are still able to pull it!
    Greatest achievement outside sports: Back in the days I was #1 in world ranking in Battle Ships with Photo Play. Oh boy, those were the days!
    Things you love in FMX: Breaking your own limits and a having good time.
    Worst part about FMX: I don’t get paid enough! :D
    What would you improve in your riding: Everything!
    Best place to ride: Cuckoos Nest Ranch
    How many bones have you broken: Plenty…
    How to stay motivated: Sometimes I wonder that even myself. Probably this is more like a lifestyle for me now.
    What was it like to have your own TV-show: A lot of stress and nice memories with friends
    What is your favourite stunt you have pulled off: I don’t know really, but I really enjoyed our last trip to Russia and the video that we were able to put together.
    Is there a vehicle you would not try to backflip: Yes.
    Training alone or with friends: I really would like to ride more with Mr. Pouta, he’s inspiring me by being completely nuts!
    Craziest thing that has happened on an FMX trip: Really can’t tell you that right here, it’s not suitable for kids and definitely not for their parents!
    Best thing to do without Internet connection after a day of riding: Party with friends of course ;)
    What would you do if you did not do FMX: Action sports for sure.
    Future goals: To do cool videos that make you wanna ride!
    Your favourite Battery Energy Drink: Original if I really need some kick (because of the carbs), but if I´m just tired then sugarfree is ok too.
    Do you have a secret talent: Yes, and that’s that :D