#SkiingToIbiza roadtrip dates

Published on 14.5.2014 7:53

Battery Energy Drink’s Finnish freeskiers Matti Räty and Oskari Raitanen from Nipwitz are teaming up with Niklas Eriksson from Sweden and Klaus Finne from Norway. In the beginning of June the two teams will be rallying through Europe visiting interesting locations and performing a variety of missions on their way to Gumball 3000 final events in Barcelona and Ibiza.

The alternate route to Ibiza consists of six rendez-vous cities, where both teams will meet. The dates are the following:

June 3rd – Rostock
June 4th – Amsterdam
June 6th – Zürich
June 8th – Biarritz
June 10th – Barcelona
June 11th – Ibiza

Follow the rally live on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #SkiingToIbiza