Laserpoint 2009

Laserpointer 2009

Published on 18.4.2009 11:25

Main performer: BT (U.S.A)
“The inventor of melodic trance”

Classically trained from the age of 13 and with a career spanning two decades BT aka Brian Transeau is without a doubt one of the most successful electronic music producers in the world. BT has often been described as the creator and inventor of the modern melodic trance and is best known for his biggest hits Godspeed, Break My Fall and Flaming June.

This will be BT’s first ever performance in Finland. It doesn’t get better than this!

Visuals by:

Other Performers:
Orkidea (Unity)
Proteus (Säde)
Super8 & Tab (Hallmark, Labyrinth)
Alex Kunnari (Colors)
Miika Kuisma (Subtraxx)
Anton Sonin (High Contrast)
Dixon & Alkemist (Hytky)
Orion (Misc. Management)
Mikko Nieminen (Maniac)
Neon (Säde)
Pietari (Doom, Labyrinth)
Sasha F (Millennium)
Wispy (Funkbusters)
Infekto (Beatformers)
Sergei Shkuroff (Madwave)
Nuance (Covert Ops)
Muffler (Sigh Co)
Efo (Laserpoint)
Flight (Romance)