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Check out the Battery Moto 9 Enduro competition in Lithuania

Published on 25.6.2012 12:51

Battery Energy Drink is the main sponsor of the Battery Moto 9 enduro competition in Kacergines Nemuno Ziedas, Lithuania, on August 4th, 2012. Beginners, professionals, amateurs and sportsmen will come together to compete for nine hours on a 3,5-4 km track with many different types of surfaces – grass, sand, gravel, mud and asphalt. The team with the most track rounds will be the winner. Only one driver per team is allowed on the track at the same time – this is why it is called a relay-race. There are no restrictions regarding the intervals after which drivers are changed, the amount of refueling stops or the likes – these decisions are up to the teams themselves and will hence test their strategies.

The Battery Moto 9 enduro competition was organized in 2009 for the first time and its popularity has increased year after year. The Battery Moto 9 is a part of the Lithuanian enduro relay-race tradition, consisting of nine hours of teamwork, speed and adrenaline. This year, competition organizers expect entries from approximately 30 teams. Furthermore, around 2 000 people are anticipated to watch the competition.

Battery Energy Drink will provide the competing teams with an energy drink pit stop, where riders will be able to reload with liquid energy.

The R18 motorbike team and Battery Hydro are the organizers of this exciting competition.

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