Battery battle 2009

Battery Battle 2009 Norway-Team1

Published on 17.5.2011 10:14

The Battery battle is a photo and video challenge for snowboarding. The scenery is from Folgefonna summer ski/resort in Norway. All the materials were shot during two weekends in July 2009. 3 of the most up and coming snowboard filmers and photographers were hand picked to compete. They picked their 5 favourite riders to work with – we believe to get the best possible photos shooters must be comfortable with and dig themselves the riders featuring.

Teams were given a budget to go to the same resort and produce their best documentation. The ranking order in the end was Team 1, Team 3 and Team 2. The premiere for the creations was held at Oslo’s biggest movie theatre followed by a major snowboard movie premiere. Event was a huge success and generated a lot of attention in all of core media. To find out exactly why, check out these photos and films…