Jukka Viljanen


Published on 10.1.2012 11:21

B-Hydro’s Jukka Viljanen plans to run a demanding route across the Sahara, covering approximately 50 km per day over 35 days. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time that anyone runs a full crossing of the Sahara (solo,supported).

You will ask yourself: Why would any sane human have the desire to run up to 2 000 km across the sandy and temperature-extreme landscape of the Sahara?

In a world that has seen humanity slowly move towards a more inactive lifestyle, there are still individuals who are prepared to explore new frontiers and explode the comfort zones we have created for ourselves.

Running such a long distance over a short period of time will prove a major challenge – both mentally and physically. Jukka will consume between 5 000 and 7 000 calories each day and cover the distance of over 40 marathons in 35 days. Jukka´s professional support crew will manage the daily logistics of securing water, food and fuel.

The Sahara run started on Friday January 6th, 2012. Check out Jukka’s progress and feelings on

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