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Published on 31.5.2012 15:07

1997 – Battery Original was launched in Finland as the first energy drink in the Finnish market. The concept of pure energy and functionality was immediately understood by consumers, which provided a favorable start for the brand.

Encouraged by the instant success, Battery Energy Drink’s export to nearby countries was initiated.  The Baltics – Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia – were the first countries to sell Battery Original outside of Finland.

Back in 1997, Battery Energy Drink’s slogan still included two + symbols. The original +B and Battery slogans were used until 2006.

1998 – The second year of Battery Energy Drink meant the expansion of sales to Norway, Sweden and the Canary Islands. Despite being a challenger brand in the Norwegian and Swedish markets, Battery Energy Drink quickly became popular.

1999 – Battery Energy Drink began its long tradition of sponsoring athletes. In 1999, Battery Energy Drink collaborated with four-time World Rally Champion Tommi Mäkinen. Both Tommi Mäkinen and Battery Energy Drink had a successful year – Mäkinen won his fourth World Championship and Battery expanded its export operations in Europe.

Winter sports have always been closely linked to Battery Energy Drink. At the brink of the new millennium, Battery Energy Drink began a five-year long collaboration with Janne Lahtela, Olympic medalist in moguls skiing.

1999 was the first year of the beautiful Battery girls.  Since then, they have been an essential part of the Battery Energy Drink world.

2003 – Within six years of its launch, Battery Energy Drink was available in 22 countries worldwide.

The Battery Energy Drink brand could not be avoided in Finland. Not even in the water…

2004 – Battery Energy Drink entered the Formula 1 world by collaborating with driver Nico Rosberg. The collaboration was a natural fit due to Nico’s Finnish roots and Battery Energy Drink’s international image.

The first Ruka Spring Break was organized in association with Battery Energy Drink at the ski resort Ruka in Finland. Since then, this winter event has become a legend in Finland and attracts yearly thousands of people in the name of partying and winter sports – fuelled by Battery Energy Drink.

2005 – Battery Energy Drink expanded its visibility in motor sports by sponsoring two-time World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm.

Battery Energy Drink’s “Ants” commercial won the international CanPaign Award and beat the world’s biggest beverage brands in the process. (

Battery Energy Drink was the main sponsor of the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships. The cuckoo logo created by Battery Energy Drink became the official logo of FIS, the International Ski Federation.

2006 – The Battery Energy Drink family grew for the first time when Battery Gingered was launched. Battery Gingered has remained popular e.g. in Chile and in Costa Rica.

2007 – Battery Original was joined by a sugar free version, Battery Stripped/Sugarfree. The idea was to offer Battery Energy Drink’s fans sugar free energy with superior taste – when functionality without extra calories counts.

The year 2007 also saw the launch of the unique, chili-flavored Battery Heat.

2008 – Battery Energy Drink grew its package portfolio by launching the 45cl bottle. In 2011, the 45cl bottle was replaced by the sleek 40cl bottle.

2009 – Battery Energy Drink widened its product portfolio by creating new juice-based variants: Battery Juiced and Battery Cranberry Juiced.

Battery Energy Drink started to increasingly focus on sponsoring rising talents in different sports such as snowboarding, freestyle skiing, climbing, BMX and many more. The first B-Unit and B-Squad were put together to promote the athletes who share share a passion for their sport, Battery Energy Drink and living life to the fullest.

2010 – The new Battery decade got into full swing by the launch of three new Battery products: the Battery Original pint, the Battery Coffeed can and the Battery shot.

2011 – Battery Energy Drink expanded its coops to the music industry by becoming the official energy drink of two internationally acclaimed Finnish metal bands: Apocalyptica and Nightwish. Thanks to these coops Battery Energy Drink can offer fans competitions and live Facebook chats with the band members.

Battery Energy Drink entered a new era by launching isotonic Battery Hydro in 2011. Battery Hydro combines three functionalities in one product: energy, hydration and recovery.

In 2011, motocross champion Antti Pyrhönen joined the Battery family and was the first member of the B-Moto team.

2012 – In Finland, Battery Energy Drink launched the hugely popular Nightwish can in early 2012. The Nightwish can was designed by Nightwish’s animator Janne Pitkänen in collaboration with Nightwish frontman Tuomas Holopainen. This limited edition can held Battery Original, and was sold out within a few months.

2012 has also been the year of the Battery home edition, the Battery Original 6-pack.

The year 2012 will also be remembered as the year of the Battery Odes – odes to those individuals who are willing to go the extra mile for their passion, be it skateboarding, snowboarding, cars, music or whatever.

15 years after the launch, there are already over 35 countries on the Battery Energy Drink map – each with their own characteristics and fascinating stories.