battery_prof_VIP Flairtending VIP BARTENDERS Biography
  • Name:Nico Välimäki and Miika Mehtiö
    Born:Nico (1991), Miika (1986)
    Hometown: Helsinki
    The first time we saw and tried flairtending was in 2006.
    While practicing tricks, we have broken at least9547 bottles.
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    The best experience when performing has been that someone came to steal that drink we made for the judges. 😀
    Our favorite drink to mix is SEX ON THE BATTERY.
    When we are at the bar as a customer, we usually are abroad seeking for new ideas.
    The best place in the world to party isTokyo, London, Vegas or where ever we are at the time. 😉
    If there’s something that keeps me going (on top of Battery energy drink), it’san airplane.
    My favorite Battery energy drink is No Cal Lime.


Miika – achievements:

Flairtending Champion of Finland 2013 and 2015
IBA World Championship competition Prague 7th place 2013
Roadhouse World Flair Championship Grand Final London 5th place 2015
Lovehita Flair Conquest 4th place Japan 2015
TGI Fridays Flair Championship Oslo 1st place 2015
WFA World Series Championship Manchester 3rd place 2016

Nico – achievements:

Flairtending Champion of Finland 2014 and 2016
IBA Frucktal Baltic Cup 2nd place Slovenia 2014
TGI Fridays Flair Championship Oslo 3rd place 2015
WFA Grand Slam Competition Metro Flair Belarus Finalist 12th place 2016