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  • Name: SMPL
    SMPL is a clothing brand with its roots in Sweden. The brand was founded by Markus Amnegård and Timothy Lundgren, both of whom have a big love for the ski- and snowboarding community. They also are active within the sports themselves.
    It all began when they were skiing on a tiny jump in Markus’ backyard. Somehow they started discussing clothing and how the industry uses colors that makes you look like a Christmas tree. Suddenly a vision was born and they both started to search for more knowledge about clothing and designing.

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    They saved up some money for a DSLR camera and started filming small videos of themselves skiing and snowboarding. Pretty soon they got in touch with Battery Energy Drink who was willing to support their journey to become a clothing brand and film crew out of the ordinary.
    As the days passed they encountered new friends and grew a small family consisting of motivated and creative people.
    Now, two years later, they have been accompanied by the former crew called Kprod that has also been a part of the Battery family for over two years. Christoffer Backlund, Joar Broman, Michael Alsing and André Ifrén are now all a core-part of SMPL and will be a big part of the upcoming films.

    Christoffer, Timothy and Markus are all experienced behind the lens and work mostly behind the scenes to get the perfect shots. Joar, Michael and André are great skiers who do most of the skiing in the videos. Together they are all working for a common goal, to document skiing as it really is – the feelings, the sound and the love for the sport itself.
    Click here follow the journey of SMPL, or here to watch the latest videos.