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  • Name: Kristiina Nyman
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Helsinki, Finland
    Family: Mom, dad, big brother, boyfriend.
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    If you were not a snowboarder, what would you be?
    A dancer

    But you are, so please tell when and why did you start snowboarding?
    I started snowboarding at the age of 10. My dad used to teach me and my older brother snowboarding on the Levi fell in Finland. It was cool so I wanted to give it a go.

    When did you know a pro snowboarder is what you wanted to be?
    When I saw snowboarding videos where everybody had so much fun and did cool tricks.

    Greatest accomplishment as a snowboarder?
    Finnish Champ in slope style 2014.

    Best snowboarding memory?
    Every spring makes all the best snowboarding memories.

    One word to describe snowboarding?

    If we asked your best friends to describe you with 3 words, what would those words be?
    Weird, funny, kind.

    What is the longest time you haven’t been on your snowboard?
    About 6 months.

    What are you doing when you are not on a snowboard?
    Wakeboarding, working, and having fun with my friends.

    How many travel days do you get in a year?
    Around 120 days.

    How was your 2014?
    Pretty cool!

    What’s going down in 2015?
    Cool stuff x 100!

    What “keeps you going”, on top of Battery energy drinks of course?

    Which is your favorite Battery Energy Drink?