battery_prof_Nisula Snowboarding Kristiina Nisula Biography
  • Name: Kristiina Nisula
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Oulu, Finland
    Family: Mom, dad and the best granny ever.

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    If you were not a snowboarder, what would you be?
    An aerial skier who’s doing quarter flips.

    But you are, so please tell when and why did you start snowboarding?
    I was on the 7th grade when I started boarding. That was the time when we were living in Germany and I was dreaming about getting into Vuokatti Sportgymnasium.

    Greatest accomplishment as a snowboarder?
    Huuuh! Getting a chance to do this for living.

    Best snowboarding memory?
    There are so many! Best ones are definitely Nanshan Open trips and last spring when I did a little road trip in the USA. That included one contest in Keystone, riding in Breckenridge with friends and Ms. Superpark in Mammoth. Great memories!

    One word to describe snowboarding?
    E X C I T I N G

    What is the longest time you haven’t been on your snowboard?
    4 months. It’s good to have a summer break. I wish I could go to Canada/ USA for some summer sliding, though.

    What are you doing when you are not on a snowboard?
    Biking, swimming, gym….and travelling!

    How many travel days do you get in a year?
    100-200 days.

    How was your 2014?
    Sweeet! It was one for the books!

    What’s going down in 2015?
    World Champs and some other comps. 9 Queens is something I’m looking forward to.

    What “keeps you going”, on top of Battery energy drinks of course?
    Hitting it hard.

    Which is your favorite Battery Energy Drink?