battery_prof_keskiaho FSX Jyri Keskiaho Biography
  • Name: Jyri Keskiaho
    Age: 25
    Hometown: Rovaniemi, Finland
    Family: Me and my freestyle sled.
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    If you were not a FSX rider, what would you be?
    Unhappy and rich. Some kind of superhero or a president!? I don’t even want to know.

    But you are, so please tell when and why did you start riding?
    I love snow, snowmobiles and big air so FSX fits me perfectly! I started doing freestyle snocross about 5 years ago (2010). Before that I drove snocross full-time. I have driven sleds all my life and enjoyed every moment!

    When did you know a pro FSX rider is what you wanted to be?
    I think it happened after the first hit to the ramp! I love that free airtime what ramp gives me and I also like to drive in front of a big crowd!

    Greatest accomplishment as a FSX rider?
    Opportunity to do FSX for a living. And of course the silver medal from the FSX Nordic Championship contest.

    Best FSX memory?
    That feeling after a big show or a nice practice session with friends!

    One word to describe FSX?

    If we asked your best friends to describe you with 3 words, what would those words be?
    Trustworthy, lively, easygoing.

    What is the longest time you haven’t been on your sled?
    Once I had to leave my sled alone for two whole days! It was horrible!

    What are you doing when you are not on a sled?
    Fixing my training compound, hanging around with my friends, snowboarding and enjoying the life!

    How many travel days do you get in a year?
    As much as possible! I love to travel! Usually practice, filming and show trips take about 100 days in year.

    How was your 2014?
    My last season was great! Had a lot of great shows and I succeed well in the competition! Fun year in every way!

    What’s going down in 2015?
    2015 is going to be epic! Big shows and fun times with my sled! Stay tuned so you will not miss anything!

    What “keeps you going”, on top of Battery energy drinks of course?
    Yep Battery ofc! But also passion to do my thing and future goals about FSX.

    Which is your favorite Battery Energy Drink?
    Sugarfree works for me!