Jere_Tynkkynen_Battery Snowcross Jere Tynkkynen Biography
  • Name: Jere Tynkkynen
    Born: 27.02.1989
    Hometown: Punkaharju
    Sport: Snowcross
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    Years riding snowmobile: 8 years (since 2006)
    How did you get into riding: I have always wanted to be an athlete in motorsports. My brother was riding snowcross and when I earned enough money I started to ride too.
    Greatest memory with snowmobile: There have been many awesome riding sessions in late winters when the sun is shining and there’s a lot of snow in snowcross track.
    Best results: 4th in Finnish Sport Championship 2010 (read more:
    Greatest achievement outside sports: Bachelor of Business Administration degree and exchange studies in Bali
    Things you love about riding: Jumps, challenges and the priceless feeling that riding gives.
    Worst part about riding a snowmobile: Injuries. It also takes all the money and time, which is very difficult sometimes
    What would you improve in your riding: Everything, but starts and passes need most practise.
    Best place to ride: It depends, but Rommakko snowcross track in Vuokatti is very good.
    How many races you usually do in a season: As many as possible, but 5-10 races fits into the budget.
    Which one is more likely to break, your bones or your snowmobile: Snowmobile for sure, because if you break a bone you can’t ride or compete and recovering takes much time. Breaking yourself is also very very difficult mentally.
    How to stay motivated: I just try to find positive things, look forward and trust myself.
    Training alone or with friends: With friends, because then you can compete and learn from others.
    Craziest thing happened while riding: When seeing someone crashes badly or drives over other rider.
    Best thing to do without internet connection after a day of riding: Just relax and enjoy a can of Battery.
    What would you do if you did not do snowmobiling: Maybe I would ride motocross and if not then I would travel and practise surfing. I also would want to be an entrepreneur and/or get succeeded in business life.
    Future goals: Finnish Championship medal and success in World Championship.
    Favorite Battery Energy Drink: Original Battery.
    Do you have a secret talent: I would want to, but I do not have.