battery-family2016_jade Surfing Jade Cárdenas Biography
  • Name: Jade Cárdenas
    Age: 22
    Hometown: Anzoátegui, VenezuelaRead More

    Where are you currently living?
    In Margarita Island, Venezuela.

    If you had to describe Margarita Island with just one sentence,
    what would it be?

    Pearl of the Caribbean.

    Family circle?
    Grandmother, mother, aunt, cousins and a cat.

    What do you like about surfing?
    It makes me feel better about myself. 

    Best achievement as a surfer? 
    I started when I was 15 years old and I consider myself as a free surfer since age 17. Even though I was competing for my first two years, I´d rather be considered as a free surfer girl since I see surfing as more than just a competitive sport. For me it´s a lifestyle and understanding that is my best achievement. Being a surfer has also opened many doors for me in modelling scene, specially in clothing related to surfing. 

    What do you do when you´re not surfing? 
    Modelling, training, paddle, kitesurf, indoboard, wakeboard, sunbathing, skate (gravity), go to the movies, study etc. I learn everyday new adventures and sports. I love doing everyday something different.

    If we ask your friends to describe you in just two words,
    what would they be?

    Extreme and a fighter

    Why choosing extreme sports rather than conventional ones?
    Because I’m an extreme girl, not a conventional one.

    How did you realize modelling is what you want to focus on?
    When I realised that I could transmit my image and lifestyle.

    Your favorite Battery energy drink?
    The original.

    Any secret we do not know and you would
    like to share with us?

    I love hamburgers.