Battery_Family_Ivar_Kruusenberg Snowboard cross Ivar Kruusenberg Biography
  • Name: Ivar Kruusenberg
    Age: 30
    Hometown: Tartu, Estonia
    Family: I counted 10 members – quite a big one
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    If you were not a snowboarder, what would you be?
    Downhill or MTB rider. I love cycling.

    But you are, so please tell when and why did you start snowboarding?
    I started snowboarding when I was 16 and did it probably because all my friends were snowboarding and skiing at that time. And of course because of the beautiful snowboarder girls.

    When did you know a pro snowboarder is what you wanted to be?
    When I went to my first international competition.

    Greatest accomplishment as a snowboarder?
    Second place in the Asian Cup some years ago and numerous gold medals from national Champs.

    Best snowboarding memory?
    Best memories are from Japan. Half a day of hiking up the mountain and freeriding down with the reward of a hot noodle ramen-susuru. Japan is the best spot for snowboarding, that’s for sure (besides Iran of course 😉 ).

    One word to describe snowboarding?

    If we asked your best friends to describe you with 3 words, what would those words be?
    Always crazy, late and busy 😀

    What is the longest time you haven’t been on your snowboard?
    7 months, when I broke my hand during half-pipe training.

    What are you doing when you are not on a snowboard?
    Working in the chemistry lab.

    How many travel days do you get in a year?
    Enough to miss my sweet home.

    How was your 2014?
    Great success because I managed to fulfill one of my dreams – snowboarding in Australia.

    What’s going down in 2015?
    Lot of races in Europe and a month in the USA.

    What “keeps you going”, on top of Battery energy drinks of course?
    Listening to good music while I am drinking Battery 😀

    Which is your favorite Battery Energy Drink?