family_jussi1 Urban MX Jussi Seljas Biography
  • Name: Jussi “Sepy” Seljas
    Age: Closer to 30 than 25
    Hometown: Akaa, Finland
    Family: All my crazy friends
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    If you were not Jussi Seljas, what would you be?
    A crash test dummy.

    But you are, so please tell when and why did you start doing what you do?
    I was too dumb to be a crash test dummy so I decided to try motorcycling at the age of five.

    When did you know what you wanted to be?
    I still don’t even know what I want to be!

    Greatest accomplishment as a stunt rider?
    I really don’t know. I have to be happy to get 4 million views for my YouTube video ”Urban Motocross City Mayhem Russia”.

    Best stunt riding memory?
    I was jumping from a ski jumping tower with a snowmobile year after I had broken my back with a snowmobile. That was a pretty cool comeback!

    One word to describe stunt riding?
    Best thing to do with your gloves on. So the word will be gloves.

    If we asked your best friends to describe you with 3 words, what would those words be?
    Crazy flying hobo, I guess.

    What is the longest time you haven’t been on your bike?
    5 years, but that was right after I was born.

    What are you doing when you are not riding?
    Playing poker, pumping iron and knitting.

    How many travel days do you get in a year?

    How was your 2014?
    Pretty much ok, but I’m happy that it’s over!

    What’s going down in 2015?
    Pumped right now. Good plans for 2015!

    What “keeps you going”, on top of Battery energy drinks of course?
    That’s all I need.

    Which is your favorite Battery Energy Drink?